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MKCL offers learners the opportunity to select any KLiC Course of their choice which are mapped to industry roles. Learners can take admission for KLiC Courses in any KLiC/MS-CIT ALC of their choice. YCMOU Mark Sheets will be awarded to all learners who have completed the KLiC Courses successfully.

C Programming Language

Duration: 2 to 3 Months

Main Topics: Introduction to C,C Tokens-Data types,Variables and Constants,Operators,Control Flow Statements,Loops,Array,Functions,String Handling,Structure and Union,Pointers,Storage Classes,File Handling etc.

C++ Programming Language

Duration: 2 to 3 Months.

Main Topics: Introduction to ObjecT Oriented Programming,Data types,Variables & Constants,Operators and Expressions,Control Flow Statements,Arrays,Functions,Classes and Objects,Constructor,Destructor,Inheritance,Polymorphism,Inline function,Friend function,Templates,Abstract class,Streams,File Handling etc.

Web Designing

Duration: 2 to 3 Months.

Main Topics: web layout design,video gallery,forms,css,mobile web page,web banner,Newsletter,Flash Website,Advertisement,Anchered Website,Music Library,Gaming Guestbook,Sunscription,Search Engine,Site map,E-card site,E-commerce Website,Blog Design,Foram Design,Software Application UI Design etc.

KLic Photoshop

Main Topics: Layers,selection tool,marquee tool,brush tool,crop tool,pattern tool,eraser tool,Gradient tool,pen tool,type tool,filter,masking,image editing,painting,timeline etc.

KLic DTP(Adobe)

Main Topics:

KLic DTP(Corel Draw)

Main Topics:

KLic Advanced DTP

Main Topics:

KLic Content Illustration

Main Topics:

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